Safe Scholarship
CSRC Community Projects
The SAFE Scholarship Program.
  • Save a Future with Education (SAFE), started in 2002, this has been one of our long running commitments.
  • Basic school services in Mexico are free, BUT, all children’s families must pay for uniforms, books, supplies & transportation.
  • Many poor families with 3-5 or more children, can only afford to send one child to school at a time.
  • This situation condemns entire generations to repeat the cycle of poverty.
  • Hundreds of families here are in desperate need of a helping hand.
  • Currently 120 children are supported, with another 80 waiting for a vacancy, or additional funding to allow an increase of students in the program
  • CSRC along with our current sponsor clubs are supporting 48 students.
  • This is not a short term commitment; we are looking for long term partnerships on this project, because schooling is a multi-year commitment.
  • CSRC is looking to increase the number of children receiving these scholarships.
  • Selection criteria include, low family income levels (less than $300 US per month) and an 80% grade point average, which must be maintained for the students to remain in the program.
  • Grades are monitored closely by dedicated and qualified individuals.
  • 1,100 pesos ($62US) per year for primary grade students up to 4,200 pesos ($237US) for high school students.
  • Our goal; to support 100 local children each year in this scholarship program.
  • These small amounts can make a huge difference to the lives of these children and their families.
Example of potential support costs per year.
Number of students
Cost per student
Total cost per year
$62 (US)
Primary Grade
High School
Note; Calculations based on $18 pesos (Mx) to $1 (US) conversion is subject to financial market fluctuation.