Unable to attend the March 11 presentation of the Awards, Sheila Ruof received her Award at a special presentation during the March 31 CSRC Club Meeting at the Hotel Montecarlo in Chapala, presented by CSRC President Sheila Paul and Secretary Beverley Denton.
Here is some background information on her nomination and award …

Our nominee is involved in the CUL, (Club Ukulele del Lago) and the Academia de Ukuleles, a music school for children in the community.

This woman held the first meeting of the CUL at her home and thereafter established a group of about 30 adult players which meets at Maria Isabella Restaurant every week.  She teaches this group as well as regularly attends workshops in the US and brings back ideas and instructors for the group.  For the past two years she has organized a week long ukulele retreat in Ajijic bringing first class instructors for the classes.  She has inspired visitors to the retreat to bring Ukuleles to donate to the children of the Academia in Ajijic. 

It was her hard work which prompted a famous blues ukulele player, Del Rey, to teach and perform in December of this year.    She also found a wonderful teacher, Lalo Garcia, to teach at the Academia and has continued to oversee that group and participates in concerts and fund-raisers. 

There now is a class for beginners and another for more advanced players.  They have participated in many local concerts this year.  

The above activities have involved thousands of emails, hundreds of hours of planning and a great deal of inspiration.  The result has been the building of community in the Lakeside area.  Her efforts have provided a wonderful opportunity for the lifelong gift of musical education to the children at Lakeside, currently about 40 enrollees.