Ojo de Agua Water Project
  • This is a small village with 300 residents in 90 homes. They did not have enough water for daily use throughout the year.
  • The spring that supplies the village did not have enough storage to hold the water produced during the rainy season.
  • CSRC has developed this project into a phased plan.
Phase I
  • Repair the gathering tank at the spring.
  • Construct two holding tanks each holding 10,000 litres, where the villagers can go to and draw water.
  • This phase was completed in January 2018.
Phase II
  • CSRC is working with Aipromades, a Non-Government Organisation (NGO). They are leaders on environmental issues in territories bordering Lake Chapala that affect the local population. In a joint effort we are developing a framework to carry out a Community Assessment within Ojo de Agua, to confirm the villager’s needs prior to further work being undertaken.
  • CSRC has the support of the incoming Municipal Government of Poncitlan for the work being carried out in this village. The new President has offered assistance from his Engineering Director when our project moves forward.
  • Importantly, the villagers are pleased to see members of CSRC, and welcome us into the village.
  • Subject to the results of the assessment, our focus will be on potable water for human consumption and cooking, along with treatment of waste water and sewage.
  • In partnership with Aipromades, it is our intention to hold workshops with the villagers dealing with the hazards of using, and consuming potentially contaminated water.
  • Some of the people feel their water from the old faucets is clean, they store it in open top containers and then use it for drinking, cooking, personal hygiene, etc.
  • Sewage and waste (grey) water runs untreated from the village into an open drainage ditch, which feeds into the nearby lake.
Our Aim
“Clean water in – Clean water out"