Four Chapala Sunrise Rotarians brought dental, maternal health and sewing service to the Wixrarika (Huichol) people in a remote area of Northern Jalisco, in January. The group is connected to Chapala due to a sacred site that is on Alacranes Island, in Lake Chapala.   The region is isolated and arduous to get to.
Rotarian Carlos Cerda and his wife, Lulu, donated their time to drill, pull teeth, clean and provide dental education to 35 people during the 3 day stay.  President Becca Pohl and Administrator Alan Pohl assisted with dental support, teaching women about female body functions, hygiene and providing reusable menstrual pads ( made by local women in Chapala) and also expanding sewing capabilities through sewing machines.  The group left behind tables, desks and supplies for the local school, 3 sewing machines, brightly colored cloth, hygiene materials, food, and a lot of goodwill to a group that is an important part of our local culture.