Dr. Mohan Peddinani Rao, center, with CSRC members.

Dr. Mohan Peddinani Rao, a specialist in rheumatic and immunological diseases, spoke at our weekly meeting on Dec.1 in Chapala.  He began his studies in India and continued at several Universities in the U.S. He has been in Guadalajara since 1978, and is a member of the World Board of Tropical Medicine. As a Rotarian, he is also a Paul Harris winner, and operates the Sapote Medical Clinic in Guadalajara serving the most disadvantaged citizens there.  
He spoke about the benefits of the naturally-occurring interferon that our bodies make. Pharmaceutical companies offer artificial interferon treatments for cancer, but they have very toxic side-effects. There is only one company in the world offering a natural interferon. It’s in New Jersey, but it has already sold its entire supply until 2020.  

He pointed out that our bodies are not used to all the pollutants, artificial ingredients and pesticides in the foods many of us eat every day.  MSG, for example, is found in as much as 90% of the food in some people’s diets. His approach to better health includes 20 minutes of sunshine as a natural source of Vitamin D, three litres of water every day so our ligaments don’t get brittle, regular exercise and temperance. He also spoke of the value of coconut oil for skin care. He feels that God gave us the solutions to our problems in nature.