Diabetes Prevention Project
This is one of this year’s President’s Projects.
In 2017, diabetes was declared as a public health crisis in Mexico.  The Government is struggling to pay for care and to educate individuals to slow the rate at which people develop the life threatening metabolic disorder.  On average, the consumption of soda in Mexico is 176 liters per person per year (500 cans), contributing to 14% of the population being affected by diabetes.  It is currently claiming 80,000 lives per year.
Our plan is to set up a Diabetes Club where individuals can learn how to manage diabetes through:
Self discipline. 
This is very much a ‘hand up’, not a ‘hand out’ project where the success and control is in the hands of the individual.
The club will be promoted through the local church, with the minister encouraging congregation members to seek help if suffering from diabetes, and to also tell others in their neighborhood about the club.  The church is offering classrooms within its compound for the Diabetes Club use.
The incoming Administration (Local Government) has expressed interest in the project and has offered additional support with doctors and other needs and facilities, as required.
Project costs cover advertising, educational publications and instructional expenses, as they arise. 
It is important to note that this is a club where individuals learn about diabetes – it is not a clinic.  Those needing and seeking medical care will be referred to the appropriate medical authorities.
This is a pilot project.  If successful, we would look to expand and create other Diabetes Clubs in surrounding towns.  The project is currently on our books as unfunded.  We are looking to raise $50,000 MXN.  At a conversion rate of $1 USD to $18 MXN, this amounts to $2778 USD.  We are seeking partners for this project.