The Dream Beauty Academy is a community education program in the war-torn African country of Rwanda. It helps train impoverished women with skills that allow them to start a career in the beauty industry and better provide for their families. Women who excel in this training are able to work in or open their own salon. On graduation, they receive beauty kits they can use to offer their services to others. The Dream Beauty School is open daily and take walk-in appointments. Kigali residents, tourists, and Africa New Life short-term teams are all welcome!  

Some voices of recent program graduates …

"The Dream Beauty program has made me confident. Before I was lacking knowledge, a skill, and even social communication. Now I can fellowship with people, have the tools to get a good job, and have a hope for the future."   - Janet    

"I came here when I knew nothing, but now I have something. The sewing program at New Life has helped me dream of a future. I will continue this career after I graduate and keep up my training so I create new clothing styles for men and women."   - Gloria

The Dream Beauty Academy is supported in part by the CSRC as one of its ongoing projects.